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Wondullful Dept.

Nam Lang

“WONDULLFUL DEPT. has a great space. The products they select are also very sophisticated. It’s a select store that makes you want to stay forever.”

Newly opened WONDULLFUL DEPT. is located on the second floor on the busy streets of West Nanjing Road. The store covers more than 400 square meters and looks over the busy street below. There is a great variety of select goods in the store; many parts of the store exhibits famous designer furniture, but they also sell a great range of home goods, clothing, and even beauty products. You can easily push a shopping cart around this department store all afternoon, looking for great products. Downstairs, AUNN CAFÉ is where you can take a break and have a cup of good quality coffee.



Wondullful Dept.
2/F, 1728 West Nanjing Road,Jing An, Shanghai
2/F, 1728 West Nanjing Road,Jing An, Shanghai
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