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Chia-Chun Mao

“This is a store that really showcases its owners personality. From what I see, a store not only sells what the owner likes, most of the time the owner is also retelling and sharing something he/she has experienced. You can develop that story into all sorts of imaginative things and discover more inspiration in life and at work. It’s like our frequencies crossed paths, so I’d naturally come up with an image in my head.”

Figure21, a hand-made bag and accessories studio, is hidden in the alleys of Minsheng district. It specializes in hand-made leather goods and leather customizing services. Figure21 emphasizes each piece of leather’s original characteristics and are very good at dealing with irregularly shaped leather. With the designer’s creativity and imagination, each product has its unique feature. From tiny wallets to hand-made bags, each and every product showcases the owner’s personality and spirit.



No.16, Lane 8, Xin Zhong St. ZhongShan Dist, Taipei
No.16, Lane 8, Xin Zhong St. ZhongShan Dist, Taipei
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