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Da Hu Chun


“Traditional fried steamed buns that Shanghainese are most familiar with growing up.”

Founded in 1932, Da Hu Chun has been up and running in Shanghai for more than 80 years. An old and familiar name in making traditional fried steamed buns. Shanghai people grew up eating their buns, which are completely different from the ones you get at chain-stores. Their buns use traditional dry dough buns that are fried without steaming first. They use semi-raised flower to knead the dough, creating a chewy bun and a well-charred and crispy bottom. Their pork and prawn buns are exceptional. They’re very different from the thin-skinned, juicy versions that you usually encounter in Shanghai.



Da Hu Chun
No.71, Yunnan South Road, Shanghai
No.71, Yunnan South Road, Shanghai
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