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A Design&Life Project

Shibo Hsu

“We develop, design and select some household goods that we like or ones that we think are useful. They’re not name brands, so they don’t have name brand prices—but they’re definitely sturdy and practical goods.”

Usually the ones helping their clients plan out their brands, this design couple has now created their own brand—A Design & Life Project—a brand concept that grew from their own take on life. Not only do they select various American retro-style household goods, they also develop and design household goods according to their own preferences. These products not only let’s its users understand the life philosophy behind its design, they are also a reminder of an important motto: “creativity springs from life itself.”



A Design&Life Project
No.279, Nanjing West Rd, Datong Dist, Taipei
No.279, Nanjing West Rd, Datong Dist, Taipei
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