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CJ Vintage Depot

Chia-Chun Mao

“The owner loves collecting old Taiwanese-style things, most of which resonate deeply with my childhood memories.”

CJ-Vintage-Depot is a little store in Taipei’s Dadaocheng. Packed to the brim with household goods from different decades in Taiwan; from toys, photographs, window frames, ceramics and all sorts of metal boxes. To Chia-Chun Mao, who often flies to Japan in search of antiques and collectables, old things in Taiwan and Japan both have certain connections to the past but also modern uses—that’s how these things leave a strong impression; take, for example, the metal boxes people used to use as rice storages, they can now be used to store books. An object’s function may change with time, prolonging they’re beautiful life as time continues to stretch forward. Treasure hunting at CJ-Vintage-Depot isn’t just a flashback to the good old days, you can probably take a few old things with you on a brand new journey.



CJ Vintage Depot
No.153, Minle St, Datong Dist. Taipei
No.153, Minle St, Datong Dist. Taipei
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