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Luen Wah Restaurant

Jacky Tong

“Shabby place and old staff with grey has this slow and relaxing vibe which makes you want to stay for quite a while.”

What can better represent the flavour of Hong Kong than a Hong Kong style tea restaurant? Luen Wah Restaurant is an old tea restaurant with more than 60 years of history—something well kept in those pink mosaic tiles, ceiling fans and booth seats upstairs. Although people have attempted to replicate the unique style of Hong Kong style tea restaurant all over the world, it is still not easy to find a good cup of Hong Kong style milk tea, not even in most of the tea restaurants in Hong Kong. However, Luen Wah, an ordinary-looking tea restaurant, has created its unforgettable taste; its coffee is also of high quality. Try its coffee milk tea and you can taste both in one cup. Although it doesn’t have comfy chairs like those stylish cafes, the shabby place and old staff with grey hair create this slow and relaxing vibe which makes you want to stay for quite a while. Rumour has it that local creative talents James Wong, Sam Hui and Mabel Cheung have been here. Whether you’re here to be alone or to chat with friends, Luen Wah will always be a good place for you to experience old Hong Kong.



Luen Wah Restaurant
G/F., 28 Central St, Sai Ying Pun, Western District
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