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Xiao Bai Hua


“It’s simply delicious!”

Xiao Bai Hua is a private Shanghainese cuisine restaurant hidden in a small house near Heng-shan Park. The space is tiny and easy to miss. The interior is quite cozy and simple but the guests just keep on showing up. The food here is like home-cooking and the owner and staff are very welcoming so it feels like you’re going to a local Shanghai family’s house for dinner. From the cold appetizers such as the vegetarian gluten rolls, to the classic dishes such as home-made short ribs, stir-fried eels and garlic razor clams, all of the cooking is fresh and very high class. There’s nothing pretentious or glamorous about having a meal here, but the food will never let you down.



Xiao Bai Hua
No.3 Lane 299, Wanping Road, Shanghai
No.3 Lane 299, Wanping Road, Shanghai
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