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Goodman Roaster

Shibo Hsu

“Mr. Ito from Japan opened a coffee store because he fell in love with the coffee that grew on Taiwan’s Ali Mountain. Although the store is simply furnished, the sweet aroma coming from the coffee machine at the doorstep, plus the fact that we can get away from the city center, is a great incentive for us to visit again and again.”

Mr. Atsuomi Ito used to be a professional coffee taster in Japan. Once, he went to a coffee farm on Ali Mountain and tasted its Arabica coffee beans. He couldn’t forget its taste and texture, which resembled lemon flavoured black tea. That’s when he decided to quit his job, move to Taiwan and start buying coffee from Ali Mountain and promoting it at the airport. Later on, he established his own coffee brand, Goodman Roaster, and even a coffee roasting café in Tienmu, the base where he promotes his beloved Ali Mountain coffee.



Goodman Roaster
No.110, Tianyu St, Shilin District, Taipei
No.110, Tianyu St, Shilin District, Taipei
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