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Autumn Sonata


“A boutique with a low-key, European style.”

Located on Wu-yuan Road in the French Concession, Autumn Sonata is a boutique with a low-key, European style. Renovated from a three-story, over a hundred year-old Western style house, the boutique store houses international fashion brands and accessories that are both artistic and practical, such as Aganovich, Garment Reproduction of Workers, and Margaret Howell. Old Lyrics, the store within the store on the third floor, displays and sells a large collection of antique items by many fashion designers. In its calm and elegant atmosphere, from its exterior to its interior design, Autumn Sonata showcases a European-style that’s filled with character and beauty.



Autumn Sonata
72 Wuyuan Road, Shanghai
72 Wuyuan Road, Shanghai
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